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Help, my sandals smell like butt?

After wearing sandals for about a month...they develop a pungent odor and I dont really want to wear them. I scrub my feet and even try spraying the sandals with lysol and stuff and cleaning them, etc but they still got the stank........what can I do besides wear shoes all the time? I dont sweat alot either...

Help, my sandals smell like butt?
If they are plastic wipe that **** down. If they are fabricated then throw that **** in the washer, maybe some frebreese will do the trick, it does eliminate odor causing bacteria. if all else fails wipe down feet everytime before puting them into the sandals. sorry stinky
Reply:try storing your sandals by the door, instead of in your butt.

good luck
Reply:Try daily bathing, dear. Or at least weekly.
Reply:Throw them out
Reply:Tea tree oil helps with the feet sweating smell. For the shoe I would not use Lysol but a product made for shoes. There are various sprays.
Reply:use lysol lol
Reply:Are your sandals from China? Once I bought a pair of leather sandals made in China and they did smell like butt because the Chinese use cheap leather (sometimes horse!) and process it as cheaply as possible. So I don%26#039;t think the problem is with your feet - it%26#039;s the sandals. Toss %26#039;em.
Reply:Haha thats really funny, why dont you just buy new ones?
Reply:If sandals start smelling, it must be your feet doing it. Since they are open to the air, it probably takes a lot to get them to smell too. Try attacking your feet instead of the shoes. Do you have foot odor? If so start using some vinegar washes, scrub all the dead dry skin away from heels etc. Trim and clean your toenails regularly. Check for redness that may indicate fungus and buy some OTC treatment for it. Get a foot spray to use daily. Also try rubbing the shoes with baking soda to deodorize. And if your feet perspire, try using a deodorant on them.
Reply:Maybe if you wore them on your feet instead of your butt....
Reply:Put them in the dishwasher with whatever type of detergent you use for your dishes. Make sure they are completey dried out before you put them back on.
Reply:well that has happend with me

and the smell never goes away it stays with the shoe

so get a new pair

or they will just keep on stinking

spraying stuff on them or putting foot powder on them

will only last a day or so
Reply:if the sandals hve stains in them then that%26#039;s probably whats causing the smell. you hve to scrub out the stains and then spray them with lysol.
Reply:It is because your feet are sweting. i know this sounds grose, but put deoderant on the bottom of your feet.
Reply:Did they get wet???? Time to change em
Reply:although you may not sweat a lot people perspire through their feet which in turn dampens the inners of shoes/sandals - I doubt you wear socks with sandals as it is not fashionable and actually it is not a good look but you may have to pay attention to the inners of your sandals and buy either a plastic type which can be regularly wiped clean or buy a leather sandal which you can wear with a short ankle sock.

If you get some surgical spirit and dilute slightly with water wipe around your feet, this will help to remove the natural bacteria on the feet which contributes to smelly shoes. :-)
Reply:Get new sandals?

Or maybe get the same kind of sandals

Or throw them in the washing machine
Reply:they%26#039;re the suede-leathery type right? if so, let them air out for a few days. or rinse them with only water and let the dry outside
Reply:If you can obtain some sandals made of charcoal that would do the trick, it absorbs the whiff.
Reply:time for a new pair of sandals girll =P

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What vegetarian sandals can I wear with painful feet?

I am having ongoing scans etc for extremely painful feet-(no diagnosis as yet.)

The Orthotics specialist told me I should wear comfortable trainers but I can%26#039;t do this in summer. Bearing in mind I am vegan, what veggie sandals would help my poor feet? i would prefer trendy options rather than granny sandals!

What vegetarian sandals can I wear with painful feet?
Birkinstocks. Get yourself a pair now. There are loads of designs and styles and a few unisex too.I have been living with a knee problem for a few years that left me unable to wear a shoe/sandal with a high heel and was stuck in trainers,but i found Birkinstocks and they feel better than the trainer cos they re align your foot and improve your posture. Try a pair from QVC and iwear them about,QVC has a money back guarantee for thirty days and they want you to use the product,so you can give the shoes a hard time and if there not for you all it cost you was the postage.Good luck.
Reply:Cowhide slippers
Reply:Try this:

Reply:Crocs. As far as I know they%26#039;re made or rubber or something similar and I doubt that they contain any animal bi-products. I have crocs flip flops:


and they are so comfortable.

They also do the main croc shoe the style that looks like a dutch clog. Being a teenager they%26#039;re not really my style but tons of people are wearing them and they%26#039;re good for your feet, waterproof and they have lots of different colours.


Good luck with your feet and I hope that they get better.
Reply:Birkenstocks has non-leather shoes.

Earth Shoes also has vegan shoes.

Check out Danskos.

All 3 of these brands are carried by zappos.com which has free shipping (delivery %26amp; returns).

It even has a category just for vegan/veg shoes: http://www.zappos.com/vegetarian.htm
Reply:I suggest Banana skins.
Reply:Vegetarian Sandals? I think you should listen to your Orthotics specialist. Then go out for a salad.
Reply:I%26#039;m not really a sandal person, I usually wear pumps during the summer. I ADORE rocket dogs. (They%26#039;re made out of canvas and look soo cute.) I think you can get them in most branches of Schuh.

Reply:here are a nice pair of sandals: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Vegetarian-shoes-w...

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Wearing high-heeled stiletto sandals every day?

You know... the kind everyone wears to prom and has to take off after 3 dances. The ones with thin straps, thin sole, 4%26quot; high stiletto heel. So cute but so painful!

Does anyone here wear those high-heeled stiletto sandals every day?

My friend at school does. She%26#039;s been wearing heels since she was 11. She started at 1 inch and went up by an inch every 2 years, so she%26#039;s now 18 and wearing 4%26quot; stiletto sandals every day.

If you%26#039;re SO used to heels, is it less painful for you to wear 4%26quot; prom-type sandals every day?

Also, that friend of mine tiptoes whenever she%26#039;s barefoot. She%26#039;s always barefoot at home and it%26#039;s kinda funny to see her tiptoeing all round the house. Is this just a cute side-effect of wearing heels so much, or a permanent problem?

Wearing high-heeled stiletto sandals every day?
I wouldn%26#039;t say that it is less painful, I would say that one gets a little more used to having your feet tortured (j/k). The reason that she tiptoes barefoot could be because it may be painful for her to walk flat-footed. I%26#039;ve been wearing heels nearly every day since I was 12 (I%26#039;m 26 now) and it is actually painful for me to wear the cute flats that are in style nowadays. It%26#039;s not a cute side-effect so much as it is a pain reliever (at least for me).
Reply:those heels don%26#039;t look that bad. they actually look somewhat comfortable. I wear heels but I take them off as soon as I get home. Heels are great! they%26#039;re sexy and fun, so I don%26#039;t blame your friend for wearing them all the time. I have heard different things about it messing up your feet if you wear them too much. As long as she pampers her feet at night, she should be fine.

here is a report I found about wearing them, and how it can affect your feet.

Reply:I wear four inch heels almost every day and when they are not four inch they are even higher. Your feet do get used to wearing them. I never wear flats any more.
Reply:I couldn%26#039;t imagine wearing those shoes for a little while let alone every day. But she could be doing damage to her feet. Being young she won%26#039;t feel the effects of long term damage until she is older. She may want to consult a %26quot;foot%26quot; doctor to see what the issues could be from wearing these shoes daily. i.e back problems, planteritus (spelling?) ect.
Reply:I personally dont wear high heel like that everyday, but i wear them often. If someone were to wear high heels everyday like you explained, they%26#039;d have to rest their feet a lot before taking showers, or your feet will get veins. also its a good cause of spider veins too.

about the part when u said your friend tiptoes a lot , that%26#039;s probably because she used to high heels so much that she does that, or it could just be that or she%26#039;s just playing around.

well i hope this explains what u asked.
Reply:If you%26#039;re used to wearing heels, it does get more comfortable. I usually wear 3-4%26quot; heels daily...but that%26#039;s what I%26#039;m comfortable with. It sometimes helps to put a little squishy pad in the toe to distribute the pressure...though that%26#039;s not really practical in sandals. Then again, I wear closed toes and boots more frequently than sandals.

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My new sandals?

I bought a brand new pair of sandals (Clarks) and they smell like feet.....I only wear them a few times. My feet are very clean. I can believe it , they supposed to be good sandals.

How can I fix them?

My new sandals?
There are special shoe deodorizers like %26quot;Foot Powder%26quot; that you can use...

or try Baking Soda..it also works well.

Just sprinkle some over your shoes, and leave it for a couple of hours, then wipe it off, its ok to use multiple times so use it whenever you need to!

Reply:get them professionally cleaned. you never know who had their nasty feet in them before you bought them. **shudder**

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Where can a guy with an 8EEEE foot find sandals?

I have really wide feet, and had great success finding toe loop sandals in the middle east that also had a flap to protect my feet from the sun. Unfortunately, I broke my last pair and I am in Korea now. Of course, I can still order from the Internet, I just can%26#039;t find any wide sandals. Most don%26#039;t go beyond E, and I am an 8EEEE. I have found several places that claim to make sandals to order, but soon after I send them my payment and my measurements, they send me a refund, explaining that my foot is too wide. Anyone know where I can purchase some sandals . . .preferably toe loop sandals so that I don%26#039;t bust them when I put them on (which unfailingly happens with flip flops and thong sandals)?

Where can a guy with an 8EEEE foot find sandals?
Not really familiar with sandal styles, but see if this works:


Reply:go to China........if possible to buy..China seems to like selling this sort of stuff and they can hand-made it for you..with a reasonable price..heard from someone though.hope it will help
Reply:google it or try ebay, i know they sell large womens shoes for larger feet but i dunno about men sorry
Reply:get a pair of Hess%26#039;s walkers they have a flat bottom, and adjustable straps that go across the foot.

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